100 day project

So I’ve decided to take part in the 100 day project on Instagram this year with the theme of 100daysofmixedmediaflorals

I’m undertaking the project in the hope that I can find at least 10 minutes each day to do something creative and give me some head-space from real life! Also hoping that I can create some work which will form the basis of a series which I hope to get in my Etsy shop by the end of the year.

But 100 days is a long time! I’m planning to explore four different colour schemes along the way (more about those later) and so I’ve made a prompt list of 25 image titles which I can use to help me create my mixed media collages. Hopefully this way I can stay motivated and not get stuck!

Here are the 25 prompts I’ve come up with. I thought I’d share them in case anyone is also in need of inspiration for their own 100dayproject. I’d love to see your work on Instagram too so do come say hello!


1. Horizon
2. Landscape
3. Pathway
4. Big and bold
5. Small and mighty
6. In the detail
7. Colour Pop
8. On a windowsill
9. In a vase
10. Develop a composition
11. Geometric
12. In bloom
13. Positive / Negative
14. Crowded
15. Keep it simple
16. Layered
17. Let it flow
18. Monochrome
19. Foliage
20. Hidden treasures
21. Linear
22. Colour block
23. Change it up
24. Looking through
25. Plenty

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