How to create your own rubber stamps

15 minutes may not seem long enough to do something creative but sometimes as busy people it’s all we’ve got! I’m going to walk you through how to create some super gorgeous rubber stamps which you can use in your journals, mixed media projects, sketchbooks or to create a range of collage papers like I do.  This is a great activity to do with little people too – if they’re too small to do the carving you could do this in advance and then let them print away!


Here’s what you’ll need…

  • 1 x large rubber
  • A variety of papers.. I have used pre painted old book pages but you could use any paper
  • ink pads (or you could use acrylic paint)
  • a sharp knife

Step 1 – Carving

Take your rubber and cut into decent sized chunks, try to keep the edges flat.  You just need to make sure each chunk is big enough to hold easily.  Carve your design using a sharp knife.  I didn’t bother to draw my designs first as time was short for me but you could pre-draw your design in pencil before you get cutting. Keep your designs bold and simple for the most effective stamps.  You don’t need to cut too deep, any mark you make on the surface of the rubber will print as white (or your background colour).

I’ve created an inspiration Pinterest board for rubber stamping so if you’re short on ideas head over and take a look.


Step 2 – Printing

I just used small ink pads to print my stamps onto pre painted paper but thick acrylic paint would also work.  I use my papers for collage so don’t need to worry about the print being perfect as each sheet of paper will be cut up anyway.  Experiment with different repeats and have fun!


Step 3 – taking it further…

To take this fifteen minute make further you could….

  • Print onto fabric – then add detail with machine or hand stitching
  • Draw on top of you patterns
  • Combine your collage papers to create a landscape like I’ve done here

I’d love to see what you make!  Please do like, follow and share your work on Instagram with the hashtag #fifteenminutemakes – can’t wait to see your creativity!


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