Create your own recycled paper sketchbook

I love a full sketchbook. Filled to bursting with pages of inspiration. But this very rarely happens! Am I the only one with loads of unfinished sketchbooks? I always have an urge to start a new one with every trip, project or topic – and that is certainly not good for the bank balance! So for our recent trip to Cornwall and Dorset I made my own small sketchbook using recycled papers. It was really easy to make and because I used paper I already had (some from those unfinished sketchbooks) it was really cost effective too. Ok, so I didn’t completely fill it on holiday but I have managed to finish it since I’ve been back and I thought it would be good to share this as my next ‘fifteen minute make’.

You will need….

  • A variety of papers for your sketchbook pages (envelopes, brown kraft paper, old book pages, maps etc)
  • Cereal box cardboard (for front cover)
  • Decorative paper for front cover (washi tape optional)
  • Glue stick
  • Elastic band

How to make it….

  • Decide how big you want your sketchbook and cut your pages to size.
  • Cut your cardboard front cover so it’s just a bit bigger than your pages.
  • Cover your front cover with glue and stick on your decorative paper, trim down.
  • You could use washi tape or masking tape to cover the edges of your front cover but this is optional.
  • Place your pages inside your cover and hold in place with the elastic band and you’re done!

This is such an easy book to make and the great thing about using the elastic band is you can rearrange or add / take away pages whenever you feel like it.

I like to keep my pages slightly different sizes, this makes for some interesting overlapping opportunities once you get creating.

security envelope windows are great at creating a viewfinder through to another page

If you’re after more sketchbook inspiration have a look at my pinterest board here.

I’d love to see how you get on with this fifteen minute make so please do tag me and the hashtag #fifteenminutemake …can’t wait to see your creativity!

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