Inspiration. Sometimes you feel inspired to do ALL the things, sometimes it disappears and you feel like it will never return. It does, thankfully and I’m going to share with you the main things that inspire me time and time again.

Inspired by … nature

It’s no surprise if you’ve seen my work that I love the natural landscape and all the wonderful flowers and plants within it. I love Spring when the hedgerows erupt into life and everything seems so green. Summer blooms are my favourite and I always say I’ll grow more in the garden next year. Seed heads of Autumn silhouetted against grey skies filter through into my sketchbooks too. It’s Winter when I struggle most for inspiration but for that there’s always sketchbooks to flick through and photos to look at.

Inspired by … the sea

I’m lucky enough to live near the sea in West Sussex and there’s just something about the seaside that always inspires me. My love of painting began on family holidays in Cornwall and seascapes are one of the themes in my work I keep returning to time and again.

Inspired by … colour

Oh yes, I love colour! I love collecting colour schemes (see my pinterest board here) and I use these to influence my painted pages I use in my collages. Having the papers pre-painted not only saves time but it’s also really easy to put a few colours together and see what works or doesn’t.

Inspired by….other artists

I studied History of Art at university and used to work at the National Galleries of Scotland so it’s no surprise that I love looking at the work of other artists. These days it’s mainly through Instagram. I love the artistic community there, I’ve found it to be really supportive. As a Mum of two small boys it can feel quite isolating sometimes and you feel like you’re the only one trying to squeeze in a bit of art time. Some of the artists and hashtags I follow are really inspirational. Here are some to follow if you don’t already: #carveouttimeforart @artistmotherpodcast @laurahornart #doitfortheprocess

Thanks for reading! I’d love to know what inspires you and your creative work?