Shoreline Treasures – latest collection

I often read and hear artists talking about the meaning behind their work. I always thought that my work didn’t really have much meaning. I make my art collages because I love colour, pattern, texture. I love that when I’m making I’m totally focused in that moment and not worrying about anything else. Its an escape for me. But recently creating a series of work, a collection of linked pieces, has given me a chance to consider some themes and feelings behind the work so I thought I’d share them here.

Shoreline Treasures is a collection of mixed media collages using painted papers, paint pens, and found objects. They are landscapes and seascapes.

They are not of a particular place but are heavily influenced by living close to the Sussex South coast…Shoreham by Sea, Lancing, Seaford. The series was brought together at the end of 2019 and start of 2020.

These beach scenes are not the coast of ice lollies and sun cream. They are hats on, gloves on, wind stinging your face kind of days. They are grey days when you force yourself to leave the house and are rewarded by a glimpse of blue sky on the horizon and sparkle of light on the sea. They are kids running free and happy. They are days for collecting stones, shells and memories as you gulp hot chocolate whilst sheltering from the wind.

They are about the changing of the weather and the passing of the seasons. Amidst the greys and blues there are always splashes of colour, bright pinks and yellows giving hope and joy.

People often talk about life passing through seasons and right now I’m going through the season of motherhood. With all its ups and downs, extreme highs and indescribable lows. Shortly after having my eldest boy a friend gave me some great advice “remember, this too shall pass”. At the time she said it I didn’t get it but as we moved through the varoius stages of life with a child; teething…sleepless nights….hospital stays….terrible twos….threenage years….it made sense and I’ve often repeated her words in my head.

And so in these pieces of work I’ve kept in the greyness, the rain clouds and the impending storms on the horizon because they are real and true and part of a day at the beach in Britain!

It’s not always sunshine and ice cream, just like bringing up kids isn’t all cuddles and cuteness. Sometimes the days are grey but this too shall pass. The treasures we find on days like these are often not the best shells that we stuff in our pockets but the memories we make that we’ll hold onto forever.

Shoreline Treasures: A collection of mixed media collages are available to buy in my Etsy shop now

2 thoughts on “Shoreline Treasures – latest collection

  1. Tina Michelle Huelsman says:

    Love this series. And its true, I said it everyday, this to shall pass. Good advice. Looking forward to seeing more.


  2. Mary moon says:

    What a lovely email to read and see your lovely work.
    I too live on the Sussex cost and walk and take photos for my textile work based on the coastline.
    I love the grey winter days walking on the beach or prom, the colours are beautiful and really inspire me. Like you I feel I’ve never had deep meanings in my work I just love my textiles and living by the sea..
    so it was lovely to read. Thank you.


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