4 ways to refresh your Etsy shop

Refreshing your Etsy shop is a great job to do when you’ve got a bit of down time. Here are 4 ways you can spring clean your Etsy shop to make it sparkle and hopefully optimize it to get more customers:


This is generally the first thing that people see of your shop so make sure it reflects your current style / brand and gives a good first impression. I used Canva to update mine which was really easy to do.


Make sure you have one in your profile …everybody likes to put a face to the name, right?


Your video could include work in progress

I didn’t know you could do this but now you can have a video as part of your shop page. A great way to show you at work, work in progress etc. I put together a few clips of me working on my latest collection using the ‘You cut’ app to make mine. You can see it here. It’s really simple and easy to use I would definitely recommend it.


Make sure you use this space to let your customers know about any upcoming collection launches, shop updates or discount codes. Keeping it current and up to date helps customers see that you’re a reliable seller, likely to be on the ball when it comes to processing their order. And make sure you say thanks for stopping by!

I hope that helps and gives you a few ideas for changes you could make to your own shop. I’d love to know if you have any other tips? Just add in the comments below!

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