Into the Light….creating a collection of work in unusual circumstances

I look forward to May every year. It’s when nature comes alive and I love feeling the days lengthen and watching as the wildflowers burst through. Usually I make sure we seek out poppy fields and new wildflower spots to feed my addiction.  But during the pandemic of 2020 we found ourselves home a lot more than usual and those days out weren’t possible for much of my favourite month.

At first my creativity plummeted, I didn’t feel like making when I couldn’t get out to seek inspiration and everything seemed topsy turvy. But as we were still able to take daily walks I began to notice that really I didn’t have to go far to be inspired by nature.

Buttercups flourished in our grass verges nearby, cow parsley lined our path to the allotment and wildflowers sprouted from walls and roadside hedges. When we were able to visit the beach the glorious sea thrift was still there along with lots of other vibrant wildflowers.

“Into the Light” a collection of mixed media collages therefore grew from our daily walks and snatched time at the beach. From the days of uncertainty and darkness came something colourful, bright and hopefully uplifting. I hope through this work you can feel the wind on your cheeks and the sun on your face…even if you’re stuck inside for now.

I’d love to know how your creativity has been affected by these strange times, has it plumetted or soared? Comment below or send me a message x

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