Create your own Rainbow wall art

Bright, bold and beautiful. This quick and easy tutorial can be completed without using any fancy art materials and is a great way of getting some creative time – either by yourself or with kids.

You will need:

A4 card

Glue stick


Collage scraps

Paint pens (or felt tips)

Step 1 – Choose your colours

First of all sort your collage scraps if you want to have a harmonious effect for your finished piece . I chose warm coloured collage scraps (reds / ornages / yellows and pinks) and a neutral (grey)

Step 2 – Cut out your rainbow shapes

I don’t draw the shapes first but you could do this if you want neat and symmetrical shapes. I just wing it as I like the effect it gives – a bit wobbly and organic! Cut a variety of hoops and semi circles.

Step 3 – Arrange your rainbow shapes

Arrange on your sheet of card and then once you’re happy with the layout stick it all down.

Step 4 – Add detail with pens

I chose a couple of cool colours (dark and light), a couple of warm bright colours and white (use last). I tend to work on each rainbow with one colour and then move onto the next colour – that way I know every rainbow has got all the colours. I try to vary the patterns on each rainbow to add variety. Finally add some highlights with the white pen.

Need a recap? – watch the video tutorial here

If you’d like to buy my original fine art print of this image just head over to my Etsy shop here

Top tip – If you’re doing this with kids (with short attention spans!) you could always chunk it down to last over a few days (just do each step on a different day).

Enjoy! And do tag me on instagram (@rebeccachapmanart) if you give it a go, I love to see your makes!

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