5 Easy Travel Sketchbook Tips

Do you take a sketchbook on holiday with you? Do you come back with every page filled to bursting and loads of inspiration or does it stay in your suitcase and never see light of day? If it’s the latter then these 5 easy travel sketchbook tips are for you!


Follow my tutorial here to create your own sketchbook. It’s easy and inexpensive and you’re recycling paper that you already have…win, win, win! For me these junk journals are so easy to work in because I’m not precious about ‘spoiling’ a new sketchbook. I can just get started and it doesn’t matter if I mess up.


This is the best thing to do if you suffer from a fear of the blank page. Give your sketchbook pages some love before you go away on holiday and you’ll reap the rewards! Use gesso (or white paint) to add pattern and texture – you can see how I do this here. Or maybe add a few collage scraps. Your future self will thank you for it!


Create yourself a small travel art kit bag that has everything you need. It should fit easily into your handbag / rucksack / beach bag so that you can take it wherever you go. You can see what I take on holiday here.


If you’re planning on trying to get something into your sketchbook everyday then make sure you get something in there on Day 1 – even if it’s just a scribble. A scribble is better than nothing and once you’ve got the momentum going it will be easier to keep going.


If you have little ones then giving them a sketchbook and getting them to draw alongside you is a great way to get them involved …and might give you five minutes peace so that you can do your sketchbook too. If a few of you are working in sketchbooks then you can compare what you’ve done at the end of each day.


So, are you ready to take a sketchbook away with you on your next holiday? I’d love to see the results if you do – do tag me over on instagram and share what you make, I love to see! Or maybe you’ve got some holiday sketchbook tips of your own – let us know in the comments below x

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