Five ways to help you stay motivated…whatever the weather!

I’m a Spring /Summer kind of person for sure. It’s when I feel most active and definitely when I’m at my most creative. But it’s just turning Autumn and this year I’m determined to keep up my daily (ish) art practice and stay motivated whatever the weather. Here are the five things I’m hoping will help keep me going through these tricky seasons.

Get outside!

Being outside is clinically proven to be good for your health and although that’s harder as the weather changes it is still possible. Apparently 2 hrs per week is what we need to feel better (as heard by me on Gardeners World and if Monty Don says it then it must be true)…that’s less than 20 mins per day. That’s just a walk around the block. That’s what I’ll be aiming for, who knows what we might see!?

Embrace the good stuff

Each season has lots of good stuff going for it. For me here in the UK in Autumn we get crunchy leaves, conkers, acorns, picking the very last of the tomatoes and blackberries, misty mornings and cosy blankets. A Pinterest board is a great way of gathering together all that good stuff and keeping you motivated …here’s mine for Autumn / Winter.

Treat yourself to a change

To celebrate the change in seasons how about treating yourself to something which will make you feel good about your dreaded season. New socks in Autumn? New gloves in Winter? And to keep those creative juices flowing some new art supplies could be just what you need. Rather than trying to keep a summery colour palette going in my work I finally recently admitted to myself that it was time to work with a new colour scheme to fit in with the seasonal changes. This obviously required a trip to the art shop for new paints and pens and I’ve found that a change can really be as good as a rest sometimes.

Bring the outside inside

If you love to be inspired by nature but don’t like getting cold and wet then collect those treasures from nature and bring them inside. Surrounding yourself with seedheads and dried flowers can provide a great source of inspiration whilst it’s cold outside.

Use photos

If like me you take loads of photos to inspire your creative work now is the time to use them. Print some off (old school I know). Display them around your workspace. Go back to basics and do some drawings from them. Use them to fuel your creative practice as the days get shorter and hopefully before you know it Spring will be knocking on the door again.

I hope this has inspired you to stay creative through Autumn / Winter and do remember to celebrate those firsts …the first time you put on socks after a summer of flip flops…the first time you have a hot water bottle in bed…Seasonal change doesn’t have to be all bad! And if you’re in need of even more creative inspiration throughout the year come and get your Creative Fix here, my monthly round up of tips and tricks to help you beat the creative block direct to your inbox. See you there!

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