10 reasons why an Art Print is the perfect Christmas gift this year.

A bright modern art print in pinks and blues - a perfect Christmas gift as a reminder of sunnier times

This year more than ever we’re all looking for gifts that support small businesses, don’t cost the earth, remind us of brighter times and are easy to ship. True?

Buying an Art Print could solve all your Christmas Shopping dilemmas. Here’s 10 reasons why;

Low Shipping Costs – Art Prints are super easy to post – all of my prints come with free shipping in the UK 🙂

Flexible Framing – All of my prints are unframed which means you have control over the type of frame you choose. You can choose something to suit your budget and style and it saves on shipping costs too.

Shop Small – In buying from an emerging artist like me you’re supporting a small business – not a giant like Amazon. Win win.

A reminder of you – If you gift someone a piece of art chances are it will always remind them of you… in a good way hopefully!

Encourage creativity – displaying art on our walls sends a clear and positive message to the children in our homes. Art is valued. Art is special. Make more art. Creativity matters.

No DIY involved – An art print can be the perfect way to brighten up a wall without having to go to the expense and effort to completely redecorate!

Buy more art = make more art – Buying from an artist means that you’re helping them to make even more art.

Lifetime Gift – All of my digital art prints are printed using fine art guild approved printers and archival inks. Which means they can last for up to (and over) 100 years.

No risk involved – all of my prints are refundable. So if the recipient decides it’s just not their thing, no worries at all – just return the print to me and I’ll issue a full refund.

Treat Yourself too – Art prints are a great way of starting off an affordable art collection and with multibuy options you can buy one for a friend and one for yourself! Happy shopping!

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Bright floral bouquet using hand painted collage papers and embroidery stitch. Framed or unframed this makes a perfect gift for a flower of garden lover.
Framed or unframed – it’s up to you
Bright Boho style floral bouquets - perfect to start a gallery wall or gift  one to a friend and one for yourself for Christmas or a special occasion
Multibuy options means you can buy one for a friend and one for yourself too!
Bright contemporary landscape art print - the perfect way to brighten up your walls or gift to a friend as a reminder of sunnier times
A perfect reminder of sunnier times

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