Do the 100 day project – You won’t regret it!

I first did the #100dayproject in 2019 because I wanted something to motivate me to create something everyday. I wasn’t really concerned about how good the work was, just the act of showing up to make something everyday was what I needed. I chose a busy time of my life to do it (just had baby number 2) but I knew from the first time around that if I could give myself those 15 minutes everyday it would make me feel more like myself and hopefully give me a little breather from being mama.

Here are my top 5 tips if you’re thinking of taking part:

Don’t worry about it!

First of all don’t take it too seriously – aim to make something everyday but if you don’t quite manage it then that’s ok too – the sky will not fall down. It took me a lot longer than 100 days to complete the project and that is absolutely fine.

Get Organised

If you’re short on time like me then being organised is essential. I decided to do #100daysofmixedmediaflorals as my theme so I made sure that I had all of my materials in one place so I could just grab them and make something whenever the opportunity came up. Everything I need to make a collage fits in one pouch – including my sketchbook.

Choose your theme wisely

Keep your theme broad enough to keep your interest for 100 days – it’s a long time and you don’t want to run out of steam. I started off focusing on Dandelions and a particular colour scheme. I also intended to follow a list of daily prompts which you may have seen in my earlier blog. However, I found this too restrictive and I ended up ditching the prompt list. I worked through a few main themes instead – coastal landscapes, floral bouquets and garden inspired work – always with florals in there.

Review and reflect

Keep looking back at what you’ve made and you’ll find that you can use that to inform what you make next. I worked in mini sketchbooks which I made myself (click here to see how I made them and have a go yourself) so I could easily flick back through to see my previous work. Posting on Instagram was also a great way of seeing my progress and sharing it with others to get feedback


There’s a whole community of people out there taking part in the project in many different ways. It’s great to use that community to gauge interest in your work, share ideas and find inspiration.

Are you tempted? Let me know!

I’ll be taking part in 2021 using the hashtag #rebeccachapmanart100dayscollage so do come and cheer me on!

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